Being Bold & Totally Legit Card Co.
Being Bold & Totally Legit Card Co.
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Our Company's Beliefs and Values

Our core belief here is this one - that representation matters. This company started because a lack of representation - an inventors placemat with only one woman on it! We solved that one, with a placemat of ALL women inventors! And then we kept going! We depict specific women and POC on our stickers, posters and placemats, and we also advocate for pockets for women, and have stickers that are simply beautiful, cute, or fun.

We believe that if we’re going to put more stuff in the world, it should be top quality, long lasting. Our placemat is the highest quality educational placemat out there. It’s laminated, thick as a credit card and printed on both sides.

Our greeting cards are printed on paper that’s 100% post consumer waste. (Envelopes too.)

And yes, that’s our sticker in the picture. It’s hard to find an image that sums up our beliefs and values about equality for everyone, being responsible and sustainable and that representation matters.

We decided this one comes pretty close to covering a lot of those ideas.

See everything in our shop!

Know that the folks behind the company are sincere, if we don’t believe it, we don’t make it.

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