Being Bold & Totally Legit Card Co.
Being Bold & Totally Legit Card Co.
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About the Artists of Totally Legit Card Co.

Headshot of Elaine Luther taken outdoors.

Elaine Luther is the chief greeting-card designer and maker of tiny shadow boxes in mint tins at Totally Legit Card Co.  She has been an artist since forever, doing metalsmithing, metal clay, assemblage sculpture, quilting and collage.  Her stickers advocate for Pockets for Women! and celebrate the Lucy Stone League, among other things.  


Headshot of Betsy Zacsek.

Artist Betsy Zacsek is known for her interactive art events in Chicago, including A-Haul, All American Dinner at Pondhole, and The Cabinet of Secret Paintings.  She is the official illustrator for, whose line we carry here.  Her illustrations celebrate women inventors and artists.

headshot of artist

Maria Romero Luther brings her original style to her stickers, which are based on her original drawings.